Learning Palestine

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(oct-déc 2023)

Radio Alhara راديو الحارة
Learning Palestine Collective

Le 14 octobre 2023 | 11h heure de la Palestine
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La mixtape Learning Palestine est un programme radiophonique créé depuis l'internet de 12 heures d'enregistrements de conférences, interviews, musique, lectures d'intellectuel·le·s, musicien·ne·s, étudiant·e·s et militant·e·s pour enseigner, raconter, informer et comprendre l’histoire, le présent et la réalité de la lutte pour la justice et la libération de la Palestine.
#freepalestine 🇵🇸

00:00:00 Intro: Learning Palestine Collective
00:01:14 A Wedding chant (Live recording)
00:12:00 John Berger reading a story by Ghassan Kanafani (Palfest)
00:28:54 A Song: Goerge Kirmiz: I’m the mountains of Galilee
00:34:35 Kwame Ture on Zionism and Imperialism
00:38:17 A Song: A Dabkeh Chant from Termos Ayya 1986
00:42:20 A Poem: Mahmoud Darwish: The Penultimate Speech of the Red Indian (in Arabic)
00:49:50 Edward Said: The Interview 1986
01:44:04 A Song: Sabreen: Smoke of Volcanos
01:48:36 A Song: The Flower of Fire
01:51:46 Deep Dive: A history of Black Palestinian Solidarity
02:02:55 Angela Davis Speaks at Oranienplatz Berlin 2022
02:51:37 A Song: AlFajr Group: I’m stubborn like a stone, Berlin festival 1989
02:54:20 A Dabkeh Chant: The Village Leagues Don’t Represent Us
02:57:48 Interview: Mohammad Al Kurd on CNN 2021
03:02:43 Basel Al Araj: Details of an Operation (in Arabic)
03:12:00 A Song: Marcel Khalifa: Freedom Fighters without an Address
03:15:36 A song: Abdallah Haddad and Martyrs Children Group: I’m the Child of Sumud
03:17:54 Ghassan Kanafani interview with Richard Carleton 1970
03:23:04 Brave French Students Stand Up to Israeli Ambassador (In French)
03:29:06 Amer Zahr: comedy clip: Palestine Fully Furnished “Akhaduha Mafroosheh”
03:33:34 A Song: Al Ashiqeen group: A Child Walks on Embers: Yemen concert 1984
03:36:50 Judith Butler on BDS and Antisemitism
03:58:00 A Song: Fayrouz: One Day We Shall Return
04:02:50 Fred Moten speaks on Solidarity with Palestine
04:11:35 A Song: This Monster: Haneen Odet Allah & Jowan Safadi.
04:14:24 A Song: Sabreen Love on the Palestinian Way
04:22:30 A Song: Marcel Khalifa: Ahmad Al Arabi Musical
05:28:40 Rashid Khalidi: The Hundred Year War in Palestine, SOAS University of London
07:06:40 A Song: Fayrouz: The Bridge of Return
07:24:30 A Song: Marcel Khalife: Promises From the Storm
07:30:20 A Song: Sabreen: On Wishes
07:35:20 Ilan Pappe: On 1948 Part I Interview 2018
08:39:30 A Song: Daboor/Shabjdeed  Inn Ann Prod Al Nather
08:42:36 A Chant in a wedding: For Dalal Maghribi
08:44:31 A Song: Al Ashiqeen group: Sour: Yemen concert 1984
08:50:30 Podcast: Ali Habib Allah : Nakba in the social lexicon (in Arabic)
10:02:00 A Song: Stay Away from the Army
10:06:30 Dabkeh in a wedding, Birzeit
10:14:40 Rana Barakat: Decolonial Futures Palestine in and the Global South
11:10:40 A Song: Kofia group: Palestinian struggle songs
11:14:25 On Tragedy Resistance: Israels Apartheid System in al Khalil/Hebron (Palfest)
11:20:00 Amnesty: Israel Palestine Apartheid Explainer
11:33:54 Suheir Hamad: Poetry: On the Brink of for Rachel Corrie
11:40:50 Ultras Rajawi chant for Palestine in Morocco
11:44:06 Mohammad Al Kurd: Palestine: Double Down News
11:54:00 A Song from Sweden: Leve Leve Leve Palestine