Une journée (Day in Life). Lecture à deux voix, suivie de The Machine

Une journée (DAY IN LIFE) — Lecture à deux voix. Textes originaux en anglais et français de Nina Živančević et Jamika Ajalon avec un mix sonore en direct de Jamika Ajalon (2ème version, 27/02/2019).

Nina Živančević et Jamika Ajalon
Une journée (DAY IN LIFE)
Nina Živančević et Jamika AjalonUne journée (DAY IN LIFE)


The Machine and other texts (Take back the narrative) — Textes et mix sonore en direct de Jamika Ajalon (24/01/2019).

Jamika Ajalon
The Machine and other texts (Take back the narrative)
Jamika AjalonThe Machine and other texts (Take back the narrative)


“I get home breathing in snatches, time to put my Klaus Schulze brainwashing music, Le Medaillon, he entitled it... A phone call from a long-lost, forlorn friend.. Do I still write poetry?
No, not every so often, but instead I live poetry, migrant's issue, sprinkled with my social quest for half-redeemed beauty which raises high above this ground, in the late afternoon when the city bust calms down and everyone is under the impression that the air is less polluted to breathe.. All the Parisians are nuts when they start jogging through the polluted city, inhaling this immortal air; the little girl Sava who graces my apartment with her visits now and then makes beautiful drawings of her quotidien but the best one she has ever made is her vision of the performance of the Nutcracker- yes, that's me, a nut and a cracker, cracking down from too much pollution, too much reality immortalized in a long Alexander Kluge's film, DAS KAPITAL.
Who could ever think that we would all end up in a long factory line, now, by the very beginning of the 21 century! Well, Marx was more clarvoyant than madame Soleil, he had seen it all, predicted it all, the fact that there are Christian Catholic Christmas holidays, the days of peace and quiet, but God forbid that you are a Sunni and you want to take a day off on Ramadan, or a Shiite dreaming of taking Nooruz, a New Year's day off, or a Zoroastrian or an Orthodox Christian, Serb or an Armenian, a Jew modestly hiding in your Temple for Yom Kippur or Hannukah- then you're in a real conflict with your soul- have to work through all your holiest holidays which are not officially recognized by the French government..
And also, the classic case of Gilets Jaunes.. when did they occur in their classic version?
The “classic” period of English land enclosure.
On Sunday 1 April 1649 a small group of poor men collected on St. George’s Hill just outside London and at the edge of the Windsor Great Forest, hunting ground of the king and the royalty. They started digging the land as a “symbolic assumption of ownership of the commonlands” (Hill 1972: 110). Within ten days, their number grew to four or five thousand. One year later, “the colony had been forcibly dispersed, huts and furniture burnt, the Diggers chased away from the area”. — DAY IN LIFE (extrait de la version en anglais), NZ

“Woke up on humpday morning as if waking from a three day coma. It was wednesday. On monday I woke up with a wine and meat loaf Hang over thanx to a rare sunday dinner. And that night i did exactly what i told myself i shouldn’t do and had so much fun doing it that tuesday didn’t really exist. So today would be the day i talked all those things on my to do be dobe do list, steadly morphing and building and crawling of the ripped and crumpled pages through my ears threatening to eat my brain alive.
I kept ear plugs in my ears while i made coffee so i could have some semblance of peace. Since New years day my next door neighbour has been building god knows what. Saws, hammers, and drills bore holes through my closed windows. The sky is grey and my sink is full of dishes.
I do prep for my bread and butter work, answer emails, correct texts on photos, send jpgs, play digital scrabble, put dates in my agenda, think about writing, all before shopping. Its such a bore but necessary routine going to the local casino in this suburb ile de france val d'oise. To get there I pass by a small pizzaria, a bar that only ever has men in it (aside from the woman keeps the beer coming when she is not outside chatting with the guys on a cigarette break), a quaint boucherie with meat and suchness from the animals raised on the owners farm. I cut through the parking in front of a mini centre de commerce deuil la barre: a driving school, a coiffure, a tailor, a tattoo shop.. across the road is the Casino”. — DAY IN LIFE (extrait), JA

Manifeste (Lectures & Lives) #1 et #2, 24/01/2019 et 27/02/2019.